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You are likely on this website because you’ve heard my music on contemporary jazz radio or at a live concert - and hopefully you’re a fan of my recordings. But did you know…I am also an entrepreneur/business owner of Dee Lucas Enterprises since 2016.  Prior to this, I solely owned small independent labels Mo Better Recordings (2003) and Smooth Soul Music Group (2014).  Both companies cataloged my previous contemporary jazz recordings as follows:

* Remembrance (2004-Mo Better Recordings)
* Something to Ride 2 (2007-Mo Better Recordings)
* Standing Room Only (2010-Mo Better Recordings)
* Rebirth of the Smooth (2012-Mo Better Recordings)
* The Smooth Factor (2014-Smooth Soul Music Grp.)
* Going Deeper (2016-Smooth Soul Music Grp.)

As all small companies evolve, we've formed a new label called ODL Music to continue the journey in the arts and music industry.  We are looking to further own and catalog future recordings as well as re-assign and manage our existing catalog from Mo Better Recordings and Smooth Soul Music Group. Moving ahead, ODL Music will perform the following responsibilities:

1).  Performance Bookings - Securing performance dates
2). Production - Produce musical recordings for consumer purchases
3). Publishing - Offer licensing deals for music placements; Administer rights to ownership for royalty collections
4). Promotions - Promote artist for events and connect artist to fans to increase brand value

On November 1, 2017, ODL Music launched it's first contemporary jazz release titled "The Sweet Spot - EP Collection.....Volume 1".  It was produced by legendary pianist, songwriter, and producer Bob Baldwin. "The Sweet Spot" will serve as a major step in transitioning my musical career to this business phase.  

As of 2018, my company ODL Music/Dee Lucas Enterprises just partnered a major distribution deal with Bungalo Records / Universal Music Group Distribution to strengthen product placement distribution in both digital and streaming platforms globally. As a result, the latest CD ‘Going Left’ was released on September 28th.

We need your help, however, to fund and strengthen the foundation of the company to provide the necessary working capital for high-level product placements and strategic artist branding.

The reason for this fundraising campaign is to position ODL Music as a label that produces and delivers quality music to you, the fans.  But, it also allows you to get involved in the musical process and receive some awesome perks.

This is an ongoing campaign! With your funding assistance, the areas of project needs are:


1).  Studio Fees (Various Facilities)
2). Musician Fees (Various Personnel)
3). Mixing/Mastering/Manufacturing Expenses
4). Artwork Designs (Various)
5). Licensing & Copyright Fees
6). Radio Promotion Cost & Radio Single Fees (Gorov Music Marketing &
7). Marketing Fees
8). Publicist
9). Print Media
10). Contractual agreements with major distributor Universal Music Group Distr.
11). Tour Support & Promotional Appearances
12). Inventory Replenishing of Previous Recordings
13). Photo Shoots

Reaching our goal will not only allow us to bring you continuous music, but it will allow the company to stay independent and maintain ownership of master recordings which has unlimited potential value.

It is no secret that the keys to success in today's NEW ever-changing music market are consistencies in releasing quality music and maintaining a strong fan base.  Currently, we have enough music projects with world-renowned producers to release at least 5 projects over the next 60 months. In addition to this, we have a solid but ever-growing presence on social media between Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.  

I am very excited about the future of ODL Music!  If you can help us fulfill our business objectives, as well as my goal and my personal dream as a performing artist, I promise to deliver to you and my fans some amazing music.  No contribution is too small! You can donate as often as you can.

You will find below some awesome incentives:

$25 - Complimentary autographed CD of the next release.  Name to be acknowledged in CD credits on the next release.

$50 - Complimentary pass of a future performance in the next calendar year.  An autographed CD of the next release. Name to be acknowledged in CD credits on the next release.

$100 - Two complimentary passes to a future performance in the next calendar year.  An autographed CD of the next release. Name to be acknowledged in CD credits on the next release.

$500 - 30-minute live solo performance via a video chat platform; Complimentary pass  to two future performances within the next calendar year; An autographed CD of the next release.  Name to be acknowledged in CD credits on the next release.

$1000 - 60-minute live solo performance at the private comforts of your home or an agreed selected location within the USA; Complimentary pass to 5 future concerts within the next calendar year; Autographed copies of all CDs from Dee Lucas's catalog.  Name to be acknowledged in CD credit on the next release.

For corporations and event planners:

$2500 / $5000 / $7500 - Dee and his band will come to you and perform a LIVE full concert, travel expenses included. Travel distance depends on the contribution amount. Click the button below for more details.

On behalf of Dee Lucas Enterprises, thank you for your continued support and consideration.


Dee Lucas Enterprises
President & CEO
ODL Music

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